20-goal scorer is more than cheap on trade market!

He has wanted out of his team since the start of the season!

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When it was made public yesterday that young forward Anthony Duclair had requested a trade out of Arizona, some fans expected teams to jump on the occasion to land him and had a scoring boost to their lineup. 

After all, it's understandable: Duclair was a tremendous player in his junior career, recording 249 points in 203 games in his junior seasons, including 99 points in 59 games in the 2013-14 season. He then went on to tally 20 goals and 44 points in 2015-16. 

But since then, it's been a struggle. NHL insider Elliotte Friedman explained on Friday morning in a hit on Toronto's Sportsnet 590, why he is so cheap on the market right now - and it's not just his statistics. 

I know the story came out that he’d requested a trade yesterday, but there were rumors he’d been out there for a week or two and I think he actually demanded the trade in November. So I think the thing that is interesting about this one is that even though we’re starting to find out that he was available, I think the league has known for somewhere between six weeks and two months.

“And I understand that Arizona’s price on him has not been very high. As a matter of fact, it’s really dropped since they first started making him available, and there just hasn’t been a lot of interest."

Duclair recorded a goal in last night's game, trying to prove he can bring depth up front to any other club in the NHL. 

I just think that if he plays better – and again, he scored last night – that’ll make it easier. But I’m surprised – as you might be – at the lack of interest. 

“One team I really thought might look at him is Calgary. Don Maloney was the guy who acquired him as GM of the Coyotes from the Rangers in the Keith Yandle deal. But I’ve heard that Calgary just hasn’t shown a lot of interest. 

“So right now the interest in Duclair around the league is not very high.”

Some believe the Montreal Canadiens should have interest for the local guy. It remains to be seen what would be given up in return. 

I’m told that Arizona is looking for a like player, so in that age category, and maybe a player who has underachieved with his organization and like Anthony Duclair, wants and needs a fresh start. So it might be a player like that, or I also heard Arizona would happily take a draft pick, hoping for as high as a second-round pick.

“But yesterday I was told it was heating up, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Duclair gets traded – I can’t say in the next couple of days, but I would say that he could be traded within the week.”

So we will keep an eye on this...