A bloodied Jagr needs help after scary hit leaves him concussed!

This dirty hit could be the end of Jagr on the ice...

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Although he does not play in the National Hockey League anymore, hockey fans across the world still hope for the best when it comes to future Hall of Famer Jaromir Jagr. 

After getting drafted to the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1990, Jagr ended his NHL career with the Calgary Flames just a few weeks ago, and though he just turned 46 years old on Thursday, he is still going hard on the ice overseas. 

Jagr returned to the Czech League and upon arrival with HC Kladno, he was met with a hero’s welcome and games for the rest of the season were sold out. The guy remains one of the best. 

The veteran forward has admitted to be dealing with a knee injury, that slowed him down for the NHL caliber, but still managed to do great for Kladno. However, he has just met another setback this weekend, but it has nothing to do with his age. 

Thus is about a dirty hit thrown by an HC Havirov player, though it seemed more like an accident than an intentional move. The rival player immediately stopped to check if Jagr was alright, so he likely wasn't headhunting the Czech legend, but he still hit him from behind, leaving Jagr bloodied and concussed. 

The team brought out a stretcher to the ice as soon as the hit took place. Jagr remained down on the ice for a few minutes following the play, but was eventually able to get up to his feet and skate into the locker room with the assistance of a trainer. 

Jagr left the game with a concussion and blood could be seen staining the collar of his jersey. It surely sounds like serious news, especially for his future in hockey as many NHL players can say a concussion leaves you with post-symptoms that greatly affect your game. 

Kladno avenged the loss of Jagr and won the game 3-1, but for now there is very little update of the gravity of Jagr's injury and the extent of a potential absence and recovery for the veteran forward. 

We surely wish him well and will keep you posted on his health status in the coming days as more information is revealed by Kladno.