A change of plan in Chara's future in Boston?

We need to keep an eye on the Bruins...

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Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara has made it quite clear that he hopes to re-sign in Beantown. But has he convinced Bruins ownership and general manager Don Sweeney that he deserved an extension at his age? 

According to NHL Insider Darren Dreger, fans will need to keep an eye on the Bruins' upcoming moves though it does not look like it will weigh into the decision to extend the veteran defender. 

Chara, whose seven-year deal expires at the end of this season, wants to continue to play as a Bruin. 

Absolutely,” Chara said to the Boston Herald earlier this week. “I expressed both those feelings very early on when I signed my first deal (five years, $37.5 million), my second deal (seven years, $45.5 million). I’m still believing that. I stand for it and hopefully it does happen."

Dreger added that the Bruins might wait until the end of the current season to finalize an extension with their captain to ensure that they can keep control over the season and offer him a shorter deal. It looks like the plan might have slightly changed to only present Chara with a one-year offer...

"The Bruins’ sense is well, if we extend him in-season, it’s going to feel like a two-year deal, so we maybe don’t have to give him a two-year deal in the off-season. If not, they’ll go through that negotiation process but they very much want to get a deal done with Chara."

Let's see if Chara will accept the deal and retire as a Boston Bruin...