A completely wasted Ovechkin drops an “F-bomb” in front of thousands at Caps rally

A drunken Stanley Cup speech for the ages!

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In the 96 hours since the Washington Capitals defeated the Vegas Golden Knights to FINALLY claim their first Stanley Cup championship in their 44 year history, the team and its fanbase have been holding a non-stop party. We’ve seen captain Alex Ovechkin and his teammates literally take over the streets in Washington D.C. during their weekend long bender, sing “We are the Champions” on live TV during the Washington Nationals game and then pull a Stanley Cup keg stand with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.

In other words… it’s been one Hell of a party.

Just the team's weekend alone was one for the ages. Here’s a quip recap courtesy of the Washington Post’s Jacob Bogage:

Since winning the Stanley Cup on Thursday night, the Capitals’ party hasn’t ended. They partied hard overnight and into Friday morning on the Las Vegas Strip. They partied Friday on the flight back to Dulles, and then at a bar in Clarendon.
They showed up at Nationals Park on Saturday to a boisterous crowd, then sat in a sky box and drank beers for nine innings. Then they made it to Georgetown, Cup in tow, and the revelry continued.
Apparently, the Capitals have had quite a bit to drink. And they have good reason to celebrate. They dislike shirts. They like fountains. They’re in favor of partying with the general public.
The Capitals eventually ended up at Cafe Milano, a popular DC area club, where they partied with fans and met up with Ivanka Trump, daughter of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Earlier today however, Ovi and the gang sobered up just long enough to get themselves to the Washington Monument for the team’s Stanley Cup parade and rally where the captain delivered perhaps the most memorable Stanley Cup championship speech in recent memory.

Check out this speech, courtesy of The Nation Network’s Brady Trettenero:

For those hard of hearing, or unable to translate drunken Russian slurring, you did indeed hear Ovechkin shout out, “We’re not gonna be fucking suck this year! WE’RE THE STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS! YEAH!” He followed that up with, “It’s yours boys and girls and babes! Let’s go!”

Classic Ovi. To be honest, we hope the summer of Ovechkin and Stanley never ends. It seems like every day there’s another must see clip of Ovi and the Cup… we don’t want it to end. Hmmmm…. back to back? If Sid can do it, Ovi can too, right?