A three-team trade for Karlsson needed?

See what the latest pitch looks like! It may be a massive hurdle...

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It is never going to be easy to trade Ottawa Senators captain Erik Karlsson: "Not now, in the rushed hours before Monday’s 3 p.m. ET deadline. Not in June at the entry draft, even with fewer cap constraints and more suitors. Not in July, when sign-and-trade scenarios could potentially come into play," as Chris Johnston of Sportsnet wrote. 

But, it feels like it will be sooner rather than later. Recently, NHL insider Darren Dreger and his TSN colleague Bob McKenzie both agreed that a massive offer will be needed to land Karlsson, but the latter believes a rival team might have the perfect trade pitch to convince GM Pierre Dorion to pull the trigger on his captain. McKenzie said he’s heard “upwards of five, six, seven pieces” and perhaps a team being asked to take on forward Bobby Ryan’s contract in that same deal. It is to be noted that Ryan still has four seasons remaining at an annual salary-cap hit of $7.25 million on his current deal. 

"I think the Ottawa Senators are somewhat open to the idea of trading Erik Karlsson between now and the deadline and as a result those conversations are taking place. But it’s got to be for an absolutely huge haul. We’re hearing upwards of five, six, seven pieces and perhaps teams being asked to take on Bobby Ryan’s contract that has four years to go at more at $7 million a year. So to your point, Darren, I think the prices are astronomical and maybe that means they don’t really want to trade him between now and the deadline. But if they get a king’s ransom then they would consider it."

One rumoured trade package for Karlsson was said to be from the Lightning, who would need to move promising defender Mikhail Sergachev, forward Brayden Point, and their first round pick for the next three seasons. Sergachev has proven to be a future star on the blue line, Point has the potential to be a consistent point per game forward in the future and the first rounders will always be required in a deal for Karlsson. 

On Friday, McKenzie added to the speculations that a move could be coming up soon, however he points out that it would take three teams to complete this blockbuster trade - which is why nothing is set in stone. 

"The Ryan Factor would either take out a team like Tampa Bay or require getting a third team involved. Not easy," he tweeted. See all of his notes on that massive hurdle: 

As McKenzie notes, let's not hold on breath on this potential deal, though it could take place once the season comes to an end. However, if a three-team deal is needed, Dorion will need to look at every single detail before moving his best player.