After claiming he'd crack the NHL, NFL star Jalen Ramsey makes another scandalous comment!

The guy seems more and more ridiculous now…

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The guy seems more and more ridiculous now… 

In case you missed the news from last week, Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback and all pro trash talker Jalen Ramsey claimed that after six months of intense training he could “probably crack the NHL.” Keep in mind that Ramsey also admitted that he doesn’t know how to skate…

If nothing else, Ramsey’s ridiculous comments have only proved that hockey doesn’t get the respect it deserves amongst casual fans. And if you think NHLers weren’t listening to Ramsey… think again. ESPN’s Emily Kaplan managed to track down a few prominent NHL stars to get their thoughts on Ramsey’s statement.

Check it out:

Jack Eichel - Buffalo Sabres: “I think it’s insulting to our league. For us as players, we’ve dedicated our lives to be playing in the NHL. To think after six months you could come play arguably one of the hardest sports in the world? I mean, I think it’s ridiculous he would say that. It’s ignorant.”

Vladimir Tarasenko - St. Louis Blues: “I can bet any money in the world and there’s no chance he can play in the NHL in six months. It’s impossible. Him saying that … it de-classes our sport.”

Dylan Larkin - Detroit Red Wings: “He’s said he’s never skated before… so there’s no chance.”

John Tavares - Toronto Maple Leafs: “Well, I’d tell him good luck, then.”

Evander Kane - San Jose Sharks:  “I think I’d be about 1,000 percent times better at his position in six months than he’ll be at mine.”

Ramsey responded to the comments as he sent out a tweet Tuesday night suggesting he has something in collaboration with the NHL to see if his gridiron skills translate to the ice. However, he made another scandalous one on Thursday, that just makes you wonder what is wrong with that guy!

Ramsey jokes he would “definitely” hit his grandma on the field: “I love you, but you know that."

Check it out: 

Really? That guy clearly has no limits and is probably not his grandmother's favourite grandchild. Let’s see if the NHL could challenge that and make him think before he speaks…