An almost untenable situation in Edmonton!

Is this pushing it too far?

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There was already lots of chatter in Edmonton surrounding Oilers veteran forward Milan Lucic and the constant trade rumors that are being heard about him. However, on Friday, TSN senior hockey reporter Frank Seravalli had a rather dire take on Lucic's future with the team while speaking to Allan “Lowetide” Mitchell on TSN 1260

“I’m concerned about the Milan Lucic situation. I mean, you talk about Erik Karlsson and what a mess that has been in Ottawa, and you talk about Jeff Skinner and the fact that he hasn’t been traded from Carolina, and Justin Faulk and some other guys where you feel like the can has been kicked so far down the road. I don’t think Milan Lucic is in all that different of a category when you consider what he’s gone through — and really the position the Oilers are in, it’s almost untenable.”

It was recently reported by the Edmonton Sun that Gerry Johannson, who represents Lucic, has revealed that his client has not been approached about waiving his no-trade clause and will be back with the team in the fall.

“Milan didn’t ask for a trade and Peter (Chiarelli) 100 per cent, has not come to us about moving Milan. If he wants to get out from under the contract, he has to talk to us,” Johannson said. “What’s going on with Milan? Absolutely nothing. Milan had a bad year; the team had a bad year.

“He’s coming back to play for the Edmonton Oilers. That’s not exactly a fancy storyline but that’s what it is. I have no idea how this story got out there."

Lucic ended the past season with 10 goals and 24 assists, his lowest output over a full season since the 27 points he recorded with the Boston Bruins back in 2007-08. He has five seasons remaining on his contract at a $6 million cap hit and owns a full no-move clause through the 2020-21 season, a deal that is doomed to be hard to move on the market at that price. 

However, Seravalli believes Lucic is opened to a change of scenery, however, looking to be moved to an American market. However, Seravalli compared the Lucic's situation to the ongoing Erik Karlsson fiasco, which might be pushing it... 

"In the end, I don’t quite get where Seravalli is coming from," wrote David Staples of the Edmonton Journal. "He seems to be trying to ramp up the pressure to trade Lucic (by comparing his situation to the Karlsson fiasco) and saying the Oilers should be willing to pay a high price to solve this so-called “almost untenable” situation. But this situation isn’t untenable. It’s tenable."

How is it for you, Oilers fans? Untenable or tenable?