An emotional Marchand comments on senseless attack in Toronto yesterday

Sometimes hockey has to take a back seat to what really matters in life. Props to Marchand for showing some class.

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In case you somehow, someway missed the events that unfolded in Toronto’s Yonge and Finch neighborhood yesterday afternoon, prepare yourself for an absolute shock.

A single suspect, 25 year old Alek Minassian, was arrested after brutally murdering 10 individuals and injuring 13 others when he mowed down pedestrians in a white rental van. Minassian’s vehicle was stopped just a few kilometres from where the carnage transpired and, after a brief stand off with police, he was apprehended and arrested without incident. 

According to a report from the CBC this morning, Minassian appeared in Toronto court this morning, “showing little outward emotion.” Police do not yet have a motive for his actions.

As you might imagine, the entire city of Toronto was overcome with feelings of despair and grief yesterday, but as the old saying goes, “The Show Must Go On.” And what a show it was. The Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins played Game 6 in front of a riotous crowd in Toronto yesterday evening, with the hometown Leafs squeaking out a 3-1 victory, forcing a Game 7 in Boston tomorrow evening.

Leafs veteran Ron Hainsey gave a touching speech prior to the game, promising to play his heart out for the city of Toronto. 

Check it out:

“On behalf of myself and my teammates, we’d like to extend our deepest thoughts and sorrows to all the victims, the families… the brave men and women first on the scene who do so much to keep everybody safe, thank you so much. Hold our loved ones tight. Give them an extra kiss tonight, I know I will. “

“As for tonight, we’re going to play our heart out for this city and the great fans here. Hopefully in doing that we’ll make it to Boston for a Game 7. Thank you.”

Bruins superstar Brad Marchand, a Canadian citizen himself, also commented on yesterday’s tragic events saying, "It’s incredible the way you see cities comes together when things like this happen. A lot of respect for the people of Toronto and the way they are handling everything."

Respect back to you, Brad. For a player that’s not exactly associated with class and dignity, you earned yourself some fans in Toronto last night with those classy sentiments. 

For Marchand's full post game interview, click the link below:

Marchand's words serve as an excellent reminder that hockey is just a game. Sure, we all get worked up when our team wins or loses… we get emotional and sometimes overreact. It’s unfortunate that it sometimes takes something truly awful like yesterday’s horrendous actions to make us take stock of what really matters in life. So thank you Brad for putting things in perspective. 

After all, this is just a game. Let’s cheer loud and proud in Game 7 and let the best team win. Drop the puck!