Another monster trade brewing in Nashville...?

Poile is getting ready to make the headlines again...

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When you get the reputation in the National Hockey League to be a general manager who loves blockbuster moves, you better believe it sticks with you. Nashville Predators general manager David Poile has been known to be fearless with some trades, and this reputation surely stuck when he was able to land Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban in return for his former captain Shea Weber in the summer of 2016. 

The question is now are we getting ready to see another significant trade in Nashville this season? According to Adam Vingan of The Athletic, some people believe that a trade could be coming up next for veteran goalie Pekka Rinne. 

In The Athletic mailbag, Vingan was asked if the Preds would attempt to move Rinne before the February trade deadline if he appears to be slowing down by that point. He however points out Rinne is the only Predator with no-trade protection, carrying a 10-team list of trade destinations. So would Poile still try to move him?

"Poile has already traded away a homegrown superstar, so you can’t discount the possibility of him doing it again."
"I can’t envision a scenario where Rinne plays for or finishes his career with another team (and I don’t expect this to be his final season even with his contract expiring next summer)."

Juuse Saros could always take over for the postseason, like he had to do in the disaster that was Game 7 against the Winnipeg Jets, however, the Preds are likely to keep Rinne as insurance. 

Vingan also adds that he does not rule out the Predators making a major addition at the trade deadline. However, having traded away their 2018 first- and second-round picks, he believes they’ll be less inclined to do that again.

"The Predators have $7,625,834 in projected cap space, more than enough to bolster the roster if necessary. As for what they have to offer, there doesn’t seem to be much that would entice other teams."

However, let's not forget that the San Jose Sharks managed to acquire top forward Evander Kane for a conditional pick this past February. If there is one GM that can pull off a crazy move, it is Poile after all...