Another weird goaltending interference calls sparks controversy in the NHL

What do you think about this one?

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One of the most embarrassing situations of this National Hockey League season is the inability for on-ice officials to correctly call goaltender interference. It has caused multiple outbursts and controversies from teams across the league, and it has sadly happened in a game that involves the Toronto Maple Leafs, once again.

We do not feel the need to provide more explanation to what happened tonight. Just take a look at this sequence here, where Tomas Plekanec apparently had an impact on Lindgren's ability to stop the puck:

The different NHL reporters who cover both the Habs and the Leafs could not really agree whether this should have counted as a good goal or not.

"Excuse me??? Goaltender interference? Claude Julien has absolutely no right to blame the referees or the NHL anymore."

The Leafs easily beat the Habs 4-0. What is your take on this one?

Sens' captain Erik Karlsson shamelessly insults rival captain! 

The Ottawa Senators' playoff hopes may be dead, but there is no reason why they cannot kill other team's wish to make it to the postseason. Last night, the Sens took on the Dallas Stars, who have dropped too many games now that the regular season is coming to an end, and they did it in a brutal manner. 

Mike Hoffman's 22nd goal of the season helped the Senators play spoiler to the Stars with a 3-2 overtime win. The victory allowed Ottawa to win three consecutive games for just the second time this season and was the Senators first on home ice since Feb. 17. Quite the feel-good moment in Ottawa. And of course, captain and star defenseman Erik Karlsson made it even better. 

The Stars did not grab two points, but their captain Jamie Benn ended up grabbing Karlsson's stick during the game. Most players would fight to get their stick back - obviously some are superstitious and sticks still are expensive - but according to Karlsson, the stick was never returned, meaning that Benn walked away with a $300 souvenir.

In the post-game scrum, Karlsson was so happy following his team's victory that he did not mind Benn taking off with his precious stick. He even went on to shamelessly insult the Stars captain in the most entertaining way. 

Karlsson told The Ottawa Sun's Bruce Garrioch that he gave his stick to Benn, and that the Stars captain "can keep (the stick) himself and maybe play road hockey with it." Brilliant. 

Media members present at the game loved the silly incident between Karlsson and Benn. You don't see one NHL superstar take the stick of another star, and it makes for a pretty entertaining moment. Benn could always tell a great story with it when he shows to his friends and family members. However, the memorabilia could be bitter sweet, especially if the Stars cannot clinch a playoff berth. 

Dallas currently sits in the last playoff spot available on the Wild Card in the Western Conference, with 84 points. However, the Anaheim Ducks are right behind with 84 points as well, which could make for an intense battle in the West en route for the postseason. 

If the Stars end up out of the playoffs because of the one point they missed out on against the Senators, Benn could choose to break Karlsson's stick instead of keeping it.