Astounding possibility to become rich with a single hockey card revealed!

This could be your ticket for the life of your dreams!

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I remember when I was young, I had a friend who collected hockey card for the longest time. He kept them in a shoe box, under his bed, and once in a while, he would see one card being mentioned as a money-maker and would go rummaging through his box to see if it could be the way to make easy cash with his long-time hobby. I bet he will be doing the same after reading this article. 

According to the webpage Bardown, in association with TSN, a near mint (Rated 9/10 on the Beckett grading scale) condition Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid card has recently been put up for auction on eBay and it will certainly make its owner cash in a lot of doe. So far, it’s already racked up a $29,225 CAD bid ($22,450 USD).

While it is believed that this card is a rare one, you could be holding on to one of its copies without knowing its true value. I am pretty sure that after seeing this, you could be looking to sell it and fill your pockets with the profits. 

According once again to Bardown, "a slightly less rare version of this card sold for just over $70,000 Canadian in June. That card is virtually the same (2015-16 Connor McDavid Upper Deck The Cup), except one thing makes it slightly more rare: This card is the Gold Edition. If you look on the right side of the cards, you’ll see that the silver version is assigned a number out of 99, whereas the gold versions are out of 12."

“The level of interest and the value ascribed to the Connor McDavid rookie card reinforces the direction of the trading card marketplace,” PWCC Marketplace president Brent Huigens said to Global News at the time where the card was sold for the stunning price. “Long considered an enjoyable hobby for collectors, trading cards are becoming a serious investment for those with an informed interest and a keen eye.”

It is believed that there are only 12 other cards as rare as this one in existence and this one is near mint condition.