Beer league goalie goes old school, wears all vintage 80s gear

Kick save and a beauty!

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Look... don't get me wrong... I love modern day hockey. The speed and skill on display from players like Patrick Kane, Connor McDavid, Alex Ovechkin, Nikita Kucherov, Sidney Crosby, Nathan MacKinnon, etc. is simply mind boggling. These guys are literal freaks of nature and are more like super heroes than real life humans.

Now, having said that... there's nothing like Old Time Hockey. 

That's why I loved seeing Youtuber and Nashville Predators emergency backup goaltender Dustin “Bones” Smith throw it back old school with a wooden stick, leather gear and an old Cooper bird cage for his latest beer league open ice session.

Check it out:

Gear used: 

  1. Cooper SK2000 with HM30 Cage
  2. JOFA Leg Pads
  3. Vaughn VP 1000 Chest Protector?
  4. VHV Blocker 
  5. Cooper GM6 Catcher
  6. Cooper Pants 
  7. Sherwood 580 (Int) Stick

Incredible! Kick save and a beauty!