Bertuzzi hints at a return to Canucks franchise

Yay or nay? Would you welcome Big Bert back into the fold?

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While appearing on Sportsnet 650 radio this morning, Vancouver Canucks legend Todd Bertuzzi dropped a bomb on the team’s fanbase: He wants to come home.

The 43-year-old former power forward and one-third of the Canucks’ famed West Coast Express line feels that he has “a lot to offer and give” the Canucks in a coaching and development role.

Once a Canuck, always a Canuck… well said, Bert. Bertuzzi also went on to say that he feels like he can help one player in particular, youngster Jake Virtanen.

There’s no denying that the similarities between Bertuzzi and Virtanen are strong. Both players came into the league with giant expectations, but in Bertuzzi’s case it took him a few seasons to really establish himself as a dominant player. Could Virtanen follow a similar path? He certainly has all the tools to be an effective power forward, maybe Bertuzzi can help steer him in the right direction?