Bieksa and Andreoff land about 25 vicious punches to the face and gut in incredible heavyweight rematch fight

Now THIS is a fight. This was the first of three fights that happened within 4 seconds of each other! Old time hockey, baby.

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California is known for its big, heavy style of play. It's rare that anyone makes it through the Californian sun belt without some major bruises, and this game between the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks is a perfect example of why.

Kevin Bieksa and Andy Andreoff got into it early in the first period, setting the tone for the rest of the match.

This fight had just about everything except a patented Bieksa-Superman punch.

We see plenty of fights around the league, but this definitely has to be one of the better ones, really throws you back to the glory days of NHL fighting.

But again, too bad there wasn't a superman punch, the trifecta would've been perfect.

This wasn't the first time Bieksa and Andreoff squared off. The last time saw Bieksa use the superman punch to send his opponent right onto the IR.

Andreoff gets the slight edge in this rematch tilt.


As crazy as that fight was, it was only one of three that happened within 4 seconds of each other. Talk about old time hockey!

Name your 3 winners.