Bieksa throws glove at Maroon, attempts superman punch yet again

Who won this fight?

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Heavyweight fights are always the most exciting in hockey - we don't get them quite as much these days because those types of players have typically fallen under the enforcer category over the years, but they've been phased out of the league.

Still, big players who can drop the gloves still exist in the league, and Kevin Bieksa is one of the most infamous of them all. In a match against the Edmonton Oilers on Friday night, the Anaheim Ducks defenseman got into a fight with Patrick Maroon off the faceoff, and the fight did not disappoint.

It started with Bieksa throwing a glove in the direction of Maroon's head, seemingly on purpose. He appeared to have attempted a superman-like punch, as he's made himself famous for, but Maroon swiftly dodged it.

The two players appeared to have given up on taking each other out, as the fight was so evenly fought, but some great punches and dodges were executed, making for an entertaining tilt.

What's kind of interesting about this fight is the fact that Maroon is on the trade block, and the Ducks are one of the top teams connected with him on the rumour mill.

Bieksa and Maroon could foreseeably become teammates by the end of the month.