Bob McKenzie demands that the most hated rule in the NHL be changed!

It'd be SHOCKING if nothing changes after this!

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One of the most respected names in the NHL insiders circle has has enough. Bob McKenzie, like many fans, is tired of the offside rule, but the difference is - if the TSN insider sends this loud of a message, the NHL will have to listen. 

In 2015-16 several rules were introduced in the NHL, and the offside review quickly became the most hated rule in hockey two seasons. However, the rule was not removed, only tweaked at the beginning of the season now that there is the penalty for incorrect coaches challenges. 

It still is hated, and McKenzie completely agrees with fans. 

McKenzie went on, taking to Twitter again on Tuesday to explain his point of view. 

It would be shocking if nothing is done this offseason to better the game and change the hated rule, not only by fans, but clearly by reporters and famous insiders like McKenzie.