Breaking: 12 NHL teams spotted scouting the same game tonight.

Huge scouting presence at a single game.

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There are a huge number of National Hockey League scouts all at a single game this evening and both teams playing on the ice are team's that have been mired in trade rumors this season. 

Flyers beat reporter Dave Isaac of USA Today has reported that twelve different NHL franchises have at least one scout watching the Thursday night match up between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Buffalo Sabres. 

The teams with one scout on hand are the Chicago Blackhawks, Montreal Canadiens, Anaheim Ducks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Carolina Hurricanes, Minnestoa Wild, New York Islanders, Las Vegas Golden Knights, Detroit Red Wings, as well as the Buffalo Sabres themselves. On top of those teams the Boston Bruins and the Los Angeles Kings have two scouts each at the game.

Considering how many players on the Sabres roster have been connected to trade rumors this season and, considering the fact that the Flyers themselves have been connected to a number of rumors, it's extremely difficult to predict why these teams have all congregated at this game tonight. 

The biggest names who have been rumored to be potential trade targets for either team have been Evander Kane for the Sabres and Wayne Simmonds for the Flyers.

Update: Also worth mentioning here, there are recent rumors suggesting that the Flyers are attempting to deal 29-year-old center Jori Lehtera so that may also be a factor.