Breaking: 3-time Stanley Cup champion admits his career is over due to poor health!

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This breaking news report is not only sad for the player himself, but for all the National Hockey League and their fans. On Saturday morning, three-time Stanley Cup champion and veteran forward Marian Hossa finally confirmed the obvious. Commenting the latest on his health to a Slovakian newspaper, Hossa sadly revealed that his NHL career is over.

“I will not play hockey anymore,” Hossa told Novy cas, as reported by the Chicago Sun Times. 

Hossa missed the entire 2017-18 season due to a progressive skin disorder and the side effects of the medications involved to treat it. It has been apparent that his health condition is way too affected by the disorder and the side effects, and Hossa has made his health and future a priority. 

"I have a valid contract with Chicago for the next three years, but I have only one health and it does not allow me to return."

Because he did not play the entire past campaign, Hossa was allowed to be placed on long-term injured reserve to avoid his $5.25-million cap hit.

While the news is not shocking, there are some important legal details to know. Since Hossa still has three years left on a deal that carries a $5.275 million cap hit, he is not expected to sign his retirement papers until the contract is completed or else it would result in salary cap consequences.

The announcement might also trigger a trade in Chicago. The Hawks could choose to continue putting Hossa on LTIR, but they are expected to pursue a trade. Hossa’s actual salary is just $1 million over the last three years of his contract, and it wouldn't be difficult trying to find a buyer in a team trying to reach the cap floor.

While Hossa's deal does include a no movement clause, the Hawks are not worried that he would waive it given his status at this point.

The news makes even more sense since Hossa recently put his Chicago home up for sale. He added to the Slovakian paper that he and his family will return to Slovakia. However, he did suggest that he would be interested in taking a job with the Hawks organization once his contract expired.

In 19 seasons in the NHL, Hossa tallied 525 goals and 609 assists for a total of 1,134 points in 1,309 regular-season games, and added 149 points (52 goals, 97 assists) in 205 playoff contests. He's one of 45 players in league history to net at least 500 goals in his career.

Good luck to Hossa in his future endeavours!