Breaking: A good sign for Versteeg!

When do you think he'll be back with this update?

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Calgary Flames forward Kris Versteeg had hip surgery back on December 4th, but there already seems to be some positive development in his recovery. He’s progressing and no longer using crutches, according to the Calgary Sun

You feel good, but you also understand that you’re not ready. There’s times during the rehab process when you need to push it or you have to pull back. Or sometimes you pull back so you can push it more. It’s always a fine line of finding where you can go in the process.”

Versteeg hasn’t been cleared to start skating yet, and there is no set date for his return on ice. 

He will meet with his surgeon on January 22nd and see how it goes from there. 

We’re trying to figure that out,” Versteeg said. “That’s when I’ll know more about when I can get back on the ice. There’s no timeline — even when I go back on the ice, it’s not like it’s going to be a week or two weeks or one month. With this type of injury, there’s a patterning process, and you almost have to train your body to skate again … it’s going to be a process.