Breaking: A trade is imminent for Pacioretty!

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It now seems impossible for the Montreal Canadiens and their captain Max Pacioretty to settle their differences. Since Los Angeles Kings' president Luc Robitaille reported on Wednesday on the air of 91.9 Sports in Montreal that Habs general manager Marc Bergevin did not seem enthusiastic about trading Pacioretty at the draft, Martin Leclerc of Radio-Canada revealed to the general public that Pacioretty is looking to leave Montreal.

The day after the online publication on the rumour from Pacioretty agent's Allan Walsh, who denied the chatter and used social media to spread his message, noting that his client is ready to sign an extension of contract with the Canadians today, hockey analyst Yvon Pedneault is now convinced that it's over for Pacioretty in Montreal.

"Unless there is an unexpected turnaround, a transaction is imminent. And it could happen very quickly, I was told by the people involved," wrote Pedneault in his Friday column in the Journal de Montreal, translated from French.

According to Walsh, it was the Canadiens who tried to trade Pacioretty to the Kings in June on the condition that Pacioretty would be ready to sign an extension with them. Walsh's reaction seems full of frustration, which will not help the communication in a possible contract negotiation.

Pedneault believes that the captain indeed mentioned being open to being moved, however, it was a reaction to the true intentions of his general manager.

"There is a small nuance that we must bring to this saga after consulting with some stakeholders in the situation. Yes, (Pacioretty) told Geoff Molson that it would be better for the Canadian organization to send him to another city ... but, according to some sources, he made this decision a few days after his general manager threw in his face 'I'm going to trade you!"

Pedneault may believe that a transaction is imminent, however, both sides must still find the whole thing endless... And you better believe fans are getting there too! 

Pacioretty is entering the final season of a deal that counts for $4.5 million against the cap, after which he’ll become an unrestricted free agent. It was a past difficult season for the captain, who scored just 17 goals, following four consecutive 30-goal seasons.