Breaking: Aleksander Barkov in trouble with the law!

The ordeal took place in Finland...

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Aleksander Barkov is known as one of the best young players currently in the National Hockey League, hoping once again he will be the difference maker for the Florida Panthers for the upcoming season as they hope to get back in line and with a spot to contend for the Stanley Cup. 

However first, Barkov will need to take his attention elsewhere as a report from two different Finnish newspapers have revealed that the young forward is in trouble with the law after an incident which took place in Finland around June 21st. 

According to Pirkanmaa District Court papers, Barkov will soon be prosecuted in the District Court. According to the reports now made public, the 22-year-old player is suspected of endangering road safety, and the criminal case was launched on June 21st. No additional details on the situation has been offered. 

It was noted that for the time being, the prosecutor's office is in summer vacation and that no specific date has been decided on an upcoming hearing on the case. The young centre, who was born in Tampere, Finland, is known to be spending the offseason there with family and friends. Barkov reportedly took part in a roller skating event with the Pahalamme team in Tampere. 

If ever Barkov needs to pay a fine for his wrongdoings, it is believed that the amount of fines depends on the income of the accused. Therefore, a fine for Barkov would be based on the fact that the young forward earns $ 5.9 million per season with the Panthers. 

It could be a salty one. 

Other resources note that consequences could be time spent in jail or the revoking of his driver's licence. However, since the hearing has yet to take place and no details were given or clear on what happened, it is too soon to predict what would be Barkov's punishment in this case. 

It could become a problem for Barkov in the following summer, when he will head back home for the offseason, or even in the first week of the regular NHL calendar as the Panthers are set to face the Winnipeg Jets in Finland for an international event on the ice. 

Let's see what kind of hot water Barkov finds himself into...