Breaking: Another blow hits the Humboldt Broncos

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The Humboldt Broncos tragedy, a horrific accident that occurred back in early April of this year, rocked Canada and the hockey world. The awful tragedy resulted in the loss of 16 lives and left 13 others with injuries ranging from serious to critical in nature and caused an outpouring of support from the hockey community.

During the postseason, the National Hockey League threw the full power of their organization behind the effort to support the victims of that tragedy and as a result we have seen survivors of that awful incident at NHL games throughout the regular season and the playoffs. 18-year-old defenseman Xavier Labelle was seen at a Vegas Golden Knights game during the Stanley Cup finals. Labelle has been recovering from multiple injuries, including a fractured skull, a concussion, nerve damage impacting the legs and left arm, internal bleeding, and several other internal injuries, and approximately 20 broken bones.

It was all a good sign and positive encouragements to see players back on their feet and being successful with their recovery. And maybe, their experience with the tragic events has prepared them for the breaking news report affecting the team. It has been revealed that president of the Humboldt Broncos minor hockey team is leaving the organization.

According to The Canadian Press, Kevin Garinger will not seek re-election to the role, he made public during a club board meeting on Tuesday. As he explained why he was choosing to step down, Garinger cited wanting to spend more time with his family, and explained that his job as a CEO in the Saskatchewan school system and a doctorate he is pursuing in educational leadership were reasons for his decision. 

He will continue to sit on the Broncos' board and provide support for the incoming president, Jamie Brockman.

“I want to make sure that I’m doing the best job I possibly can in all those other areas of life,” said Garinger. “We’ve got a full board. And that board has a number of people who have stepped up and I’m grateful for that. I’m glad that someone else is going to take on the responsibilities that relate to this.”

Garinger became the public face of the team following the tragic bus crash back in April. It was reputedly quite hard on the man, who remained professional and helpful with media members and the victims' families. 

A few weeks following the tragedy, it was announced that the Humboldt Broncos are planning to ice a team for the 2018-19 season.