Breaking: Brodeur leaves Blues, re-joins Devils

Back where he belongs, but what about Ray Shero?

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In case you missed it, earlier this week legendary NHL goaltender Martin Brodeur stepped down from his role as assistant general manager with the St. Louis Blues. The moment the news was announced there was rampant speculation that Brodeur would be returning to his beloved New Jersey Devils, a move that the team made official this morning.

Check it out:

Brodeur shocked the world when he signed a one year, pro rated contract with the Blues in December, 2014 after 21 seasons with the Devils. Brodeur would go on to play just seven games with the Blues that season, but he’d stay on with the organization past retirement, serving as general manager Doug Armstrong’s right hand man.

Brodeur had also been linked to the Montreal Canadiens in rumors and, seemingly, every other open GM position this offseason. “It’s always nice to hear your name, but it’s something I’m not really looking forward to move on to take bigger roles,” Brodeur said back in June. “Just being on the sidelines is good for me for now. I’ve got an 8-year-old (Max) at home, so I’ve got to spend a little time with him.”

“There’s times, … especially when it takes you 21 hours to get back from Finland, you’re like ‘seriously, are you doing this?’” Brodeur admitted. “But that’s the work that I’m willing to put in to see if I’m going to enjoy this part of the job. Everybody has done it, all the GMs and scouts and player personnel, they’ve done that work. I feel that I can’t short-side myself on this. I’ve got to try to do as much as I can, and then after three years, I’ll re-evaluate and see if it’s something I like. So far it’s been really fun and it keeps me busy.”

In his new role with the Devils, Brodeur will “work across all departments to identify, capitalize and develop on business opportunities.” So, while not technically a step back career-wise, it doesn’t appear that Brodeur’s new position will have near as much impact on the ice as his position with the Blues had. Brodeur won’t be negotiating contracts or getting on the ice with Corey Schneider and Keith Kinkaid, he’ll be a regular old office stiff. It'll be interesting to see whether or not Brodeur's role develops over time with the Devils or not, as he looked to be on the fast track to a GM position given his work with the Blues. The Devils currently have Tom Fitzgerald working under GM Ray Shero in the front office, but don't be surprised is somewhere down the line Brodeur ends up working himself into that equation.