Breaking: Brown to get suspended by the NHL for vicious knee-on-knee hit on young star defenseman

After avoiding suspension for his dirty on Penguins' Schultz, the NHL is making up for its egregious mistake.

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Los Angeles Kings forward Dustin Brown is known around the league for treading on the edge with his physical play, and his latest move will likely cost him some money and games away from the team in the coming week.

The Kings and the Tampa Lightning squared off on Saturday night, and Brown pulled off another dangerous move, this time against rookie Mikhail Sergachev.

The star defenseman took a hard knee-on-knee contact from Brown that was deemed no accident by the referees. Brown was swiftly ejected from the game, with Sergachev heading to the locker room for treatments.

While he made it back into the game for the third period, the NHL Player Safety Department has decided to give Brown a hearing for his latest reckless hit. 

It could potentially be a fine, but bets are on that he gets suspended. Either way, there will definitely be a consequence to Brown for his actions.

This, after he got off scot-free for his dangerous hit on Justin Schultz not too long ago.

Does Brown deserve a suspension?