Breaking: Bruins and Oilers linked in shocking summer trade talks

This would have to happen in the summer, and it would be a blockbuster of a deal.

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Media outlets, us included, have been focusing heavily on NHL teams' trade plans ahead of the trade deadline, which is a mere two weeks away. But what about summer plans?

While there's a lot of talk surrounding the future of John Tavares this summer, there hasn't been much discussion over what some teams are planning for in June and beyond.

One shocking rumor coming out of Boston is that the Edmonton Oilers may very well be looking at finding a way to make a trade for Bruins' defenseman Torey Krug.

Beat reporter Jimmy Murphy had simply speculated this past weekend that Craig MacTavish's presence at a Bruins game could be to scout Krug, but as the tweet above mentions, a NHL executive reached out to Murphy to tell him that he is actually onto something with that theory.

Murphy, of course, explains that it's very likely that a trade of this calibre occurs at the deadline, but what about this summer?

Boston will make a solid run for it the Stanley Cup this spring, but in the summer, plans change.

Krug is an important part of the Bruins' defense corps, but Edmonton is starving for an impact D for their blue line.

It's unclear what they would pay to acquire his services, but a trade of that magnitude would surely be one of the big blockbusters of the summer.

Krug has regularly posted 40 to 50 points throughout his career, which is excellent for a defenseman. With 35 points in 50 games this year, he's on pace for a career-best 57 points, if he had been able to play all 82 games.

In other news, the Bruins are heavily linked with the Oilers on another trade front, and is a more likely explanation for MacTavish's presence at the Bruins game. 

Patrick Maroon is the most desirable rental from the Oilers, and while there are some doubts that he will get traded rather than signed to an extension, the Bruins remain one of the top contenders for his services.

Don't worry Bruins fans, and don't hold your breath Oilers fans - Krug will have nothing to do with this.