Breaking: Canucks receive terrible blow for the upcoming season...

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The past few seasons have been quite hard on Vancouver Canucks fans and, to be honest, they just took on one huge blow at the end of the regular calendar when both Henrik and Daniel Sedin announced their retirement. They have been through enough, don't you think? 

So now, while the Canadian team is looking at ways to better the roster to become once again a contending club, fans anxiously await to see if Quinn Hughes will turn pro in 2018-19. To be fair, the Canucks fan base is used to having to wait on young prospects to turn pro: Vancouver has rarely turned a player professional in the same year it drafted him, and many hoped that Hughes would be the exception to the rule this season... 

The dream ends here, unfortunately. 

On Saturday morning, the University of Michigan announced in a breaking news report that Hughes would return to school next season. 

"My heart's obviously still at Michigan," Hughes told "I was heartbroken when we lost to Notre Dame in the Frozen Four last year. I've never really been on a team that cares so much about each other, and I think that's a big reason why I'm coming back, because I love my teammates.

"I think we have a good team this upcoming year, and I believe in the group. So, for me, I have a lot of goals in my mind. I want to be the best player in college hockey, and I want to win the national championship. I think we can do it with the group and the coaching staff we have, and we believe in each other.

"So, it was unfinished business, of course. I want to win. When I look back at my season last year, I had a great year. But I didn't win a national championship. So, that's my goal next year, and anything less than that would be disappointing."

Hughes appears to have unfinished business in Michigan, therefore, the Canucks and their fan base will have to wait... We have to admit that the Canucks have to do what they think is best for Hughes’ development. Fans witnessed first hand when an extra year in college did for rookie Brock Boeser, and the same could be said and done for Hughes...

Boeser himself commented the situation and what might be best for Hughes at this point in his young career: 

"I know my second year really helped me a lot, off ice I really think I got a lot stronger," Boeser had explained. 

Hughes has the support of the Canucks, and is looking forward to making the NHL in a year.

"The Canucks had a big part in this decision, and I think they're happy with this decision, too. They agree with it. With everyone I spoke with, this made the most sense."