BREAKING: Carey Price creates a major controversy following Canadiens' loss!

Both journalists and fans couldn't understand what was going on.

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Saturday night's game against the Ottawa Senators wasn't pretty for the Montreal Canadiens. Not only did they get shutout by Craig Anderson, but it really looked like they weren't ready for this important matchup.

One would believe the players in the locker room would try to find explanations on why they suffered a 3-0 loss. But instead, Carey Price decided to be arrogant, as Quebec sports network RDS said, and smile. 

Just take a look at his reaction and how he answered the multiple questions he was asked. The 30-year-old goaltender's interview starts at 0:48:

Price: "Well, you know, I had a lot of fun out there."Journalist: "You had a lot of fun?"
Price: "Yeah."
Journalist: "But do you think the result is probably not the way you wanted it to be?"
Price: "No, not at all," he smiled."We lost, we lost."

Price then went on saying that he felt good and dressed appropriately instead of talking about his team's performances and how they weren't able to find a way to win. He would rather talk about the experience than the lost in itself.

Both journalists and fans had absolutely no idea what was going on:

What do you guys think? Did he have the right attitude?