Breaking: Coaches and GMs call for emergency meeting at the ASG!

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On Thursday night during the battle of Alberta, Edmonton Oilers' Connor McDavid's goalie interference call in the game against the Calgary Flames was a head scratcher. Now everyone is wondering what exactly constitutes goalie interference in the NHL.

It even made the Oilers captain frustrated, leading to a game ending misconduct. McDavid scored on David Rittich in the shootout and as he skated to his bench he made the same motion with his hand that the referee makes when a play is destined for review. He pointed at the arena roof and said “Go upstairs!”

McDavid pointed out basically what everyone is wondering. And this includes governors, general managers and coaches. 

Some of them have now decided to hold a private meeting to discuss the issues together and attempt to work towards a change, a solution. 

The coach's challenges and the offside rules are also under quite a bit of heat recently. Let's hope the GMs and coaches can come together and find a good way to better explain what constitutes goalie interference in the NHL.