Breaking: Crosby makes shocking admission about himself

Tough statement from the team's captain.

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In life there are not many undeniable facts. There's death, taxes, and Sidney Crosby as an all-star. 

While the Pittsburgh Penguins superstar has not played many times at the All-Star Game due to injury, he's been voted in or selected nearly every year in his career.

Crosby is undeniably one of the best players in decades, and despite a tougher season production-wise, there's no questioning his abilities. 

Yet - he doesn't believe he deserves such honor, particularly this year.

“I don’t expect to be (at the All-Star Game), to be honest with you,” Crosby told Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Sunday. “I haven’t even thought about it. I don’t feel like I’ve had an all-star first half.”

The league will pick 6 players from each division, with Alex Ovechkin already voted as the captain of the Metropolitan.

“I mean … (Phil Kessel)'s had a really good first half,” Crosby added. 

“There’s been a lot of guys within our division that have had some great first halves here so far: Tavares, Bailey and Ovechkin. These guys are all right at the top of the scoring race. I haven’t given it any thought, only because of that. I just don’t expect to be going.”

Crosby is undoubtedly the face of the National Hockey League. While not the only one, he sells the game better than most, and fans in Tampa Bay, whether they are fans of him or not, will likely relish the opportunity to see Sid the Kid live, showing off his world-class talent in the skills competition and in 3-on-3 matches.

Crosby's 43 points in 42 games is low for him. Imagine that. He's on pace for roughly 84 points, which would be his lowest points-per-game pace in his career. 

Just think about that. He's been in the league since 2005-06, and scoring roughly over a point-per-game is considered bad. 

In our estimation, Crosby is an all-star, and always will be. While there are players better than him on the stat sheet this season, there are just about zero players actually better than Sidney Crosby in the NHL.

Do you agree?


In all this, Crosby managed 7 points this week, earning him the honor of 3rd star in the NHL.

He also recently matched Jaromir Jagr's multi-point record over the last two decades.