Breaking: Dubas meeting Nylander in person today!

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There seems to be major development in the saga that has been pressing the Toronto Maple Leafs and free agent forward William Nylander. According to an exclusive breaking news report from the Toronto Sun, it seems like the contract impasse could be coming to an end sooner rather than later. 

"A source told the Toronto Sun that Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas is in Switzerland on Wednesday for a meeting with Nylander and his representatives, with a Dec. 1 deadline looming to sign the restricted free agent. Switzerland would serve as a neutral locale for the summit, with Nylander having been training in Sweden on his own to date," reveals the paper. 

It remains to be seen if both sides are finally meeting to put the player's name on the dotted line so he can finally start off the 2018-19 season with the rest of his teammates. 

The Maple Leafs are facing quite the financial puzzle as cap concerns remain an issue when we look at other free agents who needs to sign a contract extension in the coming summer. Among the contract numbers that have been speculated upon Nylander have gone from a multi-year deal in the $6-to-$8-million range, to a bridge deal, rejected by both sides in the summer for a lesser term in the $4-million range. It does not seem like the 22-year-old is willing to accept a hometown discount, wanting to get what he deserves on the market. 

Last night on TSN's Insider Trading, Bob McKenzie revealed that the Nick Ritchie contract dispute with the Anaheim Ducks could be coming to an end soon. 

"The deal is not done, but it does look like it's warmed up considerably to the point where there's a real possibility this could be done in the next number of days, certainly sometime this week, so long as there are no further hiccups.
"There's obviously been a breakthrough of sorts. It's expected to be a three-ye

The key date here is Dec. 1, which is the deadline for NHL teams to sign their restricted free agents. Anyone still unsigned by then is no longer eligible to play in the current season.

This sounds like encouraging news for the Maple Leafs and the young player.