Breaking: Fallen Broncos hero has major impact on organ donor registration

One young man’s courage has spurred thousands of Canadians into action. Truly remarkable.

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Even in the most tragic events, people can eventually find a silver lining, maybe even something that will make them smile. Although the Humboldt crash that took place on Friday and claimed the lives of 15 people, most of them young men playing for the Humboldt Broncos of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, and left 14 more injured has left the hockey world in shock and mourning, there is a beautiful story in that heartbreaking event. 

21-year-old Logan Boulet, a member of the Humboldt Broncos roster, was one of the young men who was badly injured in the crash, so badly injured that there was no hope he would recover from his injuries. However, he managed to be a true hero as the young man was a rather selfless individual, and as soon as he turned 21 years of age he had made sure to sign himself up as a potential organ donor in the event that his death could potentially help save the lives of others. 

As of one of the tragic victims of the crash, he saved six different people, six people he never met, all of whom have families and friends of their own that will forever be grateful for the second chance Logan provided their loved ones. One woman known only as Brittany B. on social media published a message thanking Logan and his family for saving the life of her aunt, who will now get a second lease on life.

“This man is a hero in our family,” posted Brittany B. “Thank you to Logan Boulet and his family for the gift of organ donation. He is my aunties angel. Last night she had a successful kidney transplant. So much gratitude.”

According to the Calgary Herald on top of saving Brittany's aunt Logan's organs have already been matched with five other recipients, all of whom will likely carry on Logan's memory for the rest of their lives. 

On Wednesday, there was an even more touching twist to their beautiful tale, as it has been reported that "Alta Health has just confirmed- typically, they see about 450 new organ donors registered each week. This week, it's 3071. An over 500% increase. And people are saying it's because of Logan Boulet."

A spokesperson for British Columbia's organ donation agency said it saw more than a sixfold increase in online registrations over the weekend compared to two weeks earlier, and Ontario officials said registrations nearly tripled Sunday over the same period of time. Boulet is having an impact all across Canada. 

His godfather, Neil Langevin, posted a statement on behalf of the family about his godson: 

"Logan had made it known, and very clear to his family, that he had signed his organ donor card when he turned 21 just a few weeks ago," Langevin said in a Facebook post.

"These actions alone give voice to the selfless and benevolent nature Logan possessed in life for others."

It has been reported that only 20% of Canadians are organ donors, but Logan seems to be making a difference already. Be like Logan, sign your donor card and help save a life.