BREAKING: Gary Bettman comments on possible NHL team relocation

Let's just say he was pretty clear.

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NHL commissionner Gary Bettman officially commented on Ottawa Senators' owner Eugene Melnyk's declarations about the relocation of his team, just minutes before the start of the outdoor game opposing the Sens and the Montreal Canadiens.

Let's just say Bettman was pretty clear: the Sens aren't going to relocate.

"I haven't spoken to Eugene, I've read the quotes and the coverage. He didn't say the team was moving, and you can't move a team unless you go through procedures and get approval from the NHL board of governors. So I think this is much ado about nothing."

Bettman also reiterated that the Sens really need to get a new building downtown Ottawa:

"I think the strength of the franchise will be greatly enhanced if they have a downtown arena that's more accessible. If that's what Eugene said yesterday, that's different than what he said to me in the past. And, I don't know, in the course of the excitement of the event, sometimes maybe you say things that are a little out of the context that maybe you didn't mean quite that."

Wow. Bettman clearly implies Melnyk may have been lying, or at least that he may have said things he didn't really believe in at the end of the day. This whole situation is starting to get extremely interesting!