NHL News : Breaking: Reported Pacioretty trade falls through...
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Breaking: Reported Pacioretty trade falls through...

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The Montreal Canadiens have been quite busy throughout the draft weekend, and it wasn't because of the many picks they had in the second and third round: it had to do with a trade involving their captain Max Pacioretty, which was said to have been traded to the San Jose Sharks, according to many sources on the floor at the draft in Dallas. 

However, there appears to be some conflicting details on that report. 

Shortly after the rumour made its way on social media, two NHL insiders were quick to deny it and go back on the word. Both Sportsnet insiders Elliotte Friedman and Chris Johnston mentioned that the rumour of Pacioretty heading to San Jose weren't true.. 

Insiders keep arguing at this very moment on what is truly happening with Pacioretty... 

Then, Francois Gagnon of RDS shared that, according to a source close to the Canadiens, Pacioretty is still a member of the Habs. It was reportedly a false rumor that made its way to the top and on all social media feeds in the past minutes... 

It was then confirmed by the great Bob McKenzie. 

On Friday evening, it had been revealed that up to four teams had inquired about Pacioretty, including the Los Angeles Kings. However, LA went all in on Russian superstar Ilya Kovalchyuk, who finally agreed to a three-year contract with the Kings earlier today. 

Habs general manager Marc Bergevin and Pacioretty's agent Allan Walsh had been sitting in the stands for at least the last 10 minutes discussing something on Saturday afternoon and many thought the two parties had possibly agreed on a trade. 

Yeah, you read right, Pacioretty has a new agent: Walsh in his corner now. The change might be hinting at Pacioretty really trying to stick with the Habs... 

Fans expected the Sharks to make a significant deal, especially once they made salary room earlier this week, for example by buying out the contract of veteran defenseman Paul Martin. The Sharks have been said to be in the John Tavares and Kovalchyuk sweepstakes. 

Pacioretty is eligible to sign a contract extension on July 1 and is reportedly seeking a long-term deal in the six- to eight-year range – a term the Canadiens do not appear willing to offer.

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