Breaking: HUGE controversy brewing around dangerous player?!

The NHL could be making the biggest mistake of the year, and it's not even close!

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On Thursday night New Jersey Devils forward Kyle Palmieri found himself on the wrong side of yet another ugly hit from controversial Philadelphia Flyers' defenseman Radko Gudas.

The hit was so awkward that it's hard to tell if Gudas was intentionally launching himself into Palmieri, or if it was more just a case of outrageous clumsiness on the part of the blue liner. However, his reputation does point to to the former being more likely. There's also the fact that Palmieri wasn't anywhere near the puck at the time of impact.

Gudas was only awarded a two-minute minor penalty on the play, and while the Devils did manage to turn that into a power-play goal, it's clear that there is now a huge target on the back of Gudas in this game. 

However, the NHL Player Safety Department announced a hearing this morning, but only for Buffalo’s Johan Larsson, who will have a hearing today for cross-checking Florida’s Vincent Trocheck.

Nothing yet on Gudas and the Flyers will be in action tomorrow at 1ETpm, against the Ottawa Senators. Many believe by now we should have heard something about a hearing and a pending suspension, but still nothing as of now as we write these lines. 

Palmieri saw the hit after the game, and given the player who delivered it he had a hard time calling it a coincidence.

"After certain events and a certain history, you lose the benefit of the doubt of saying it was an accident," Palmieri said. "His history speaks for itself. I know it's a fast game, stuff happens out there, but like I said, you lose the benefit of the doubt after a couple incidents and reckless plays. It's not my decision to make, but it seems more than likely that he's run out of second chances."

Let's hope something gets done, sooner rather than later...