Breaking: Jets lose the lead after worst string of bad luck!

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The Vegas Golden Knights have the greatest luck in the world. On Sunday, during the middle of the second period of the fifth game of the Western Conference Finals against the Winnipeg Jets, Vegas was able to take a 2-1 lead on a weird turn of events. 

As the Golden Knights were battling hard close to the crease of Jets starting netminder Connor Hellebuyck, the netminder’s helmet’s strap was broken on a play, and the referees stop the action so that the Jets could tend to the equipment emergency. However, despite Hellebuyck trying to connive the officials to take a break so his team’s equipment manager could fix the mask, the referees decided to send the mask back to the equipment room and give Hellebuyck a spare one for the meantime. 

The Sportsnet commentators were quick to say that it might not be ideal for Hellebuyck to put on a new mask, seeing that he had done so well since the middle of the first period, and would understand him if he didn’t want to put on the mask. 

However, Hellebuyck did put it and on, and you know it, seconds later, the Golden Knights managed to score on him and take back the lead in the do or die contest for the Jets. Winnipeg native Ryan Reaves deflected the Luca Sbisa point shot and the commentators could only note how badly Hellebuyck wanted this former mask back. 

On cue, the Jets equipment manager was back with the original mask, but the Golden Knights had already taken that small window of opportunity to score on Hellebuyck. 

Vegas leads the Western Conference Final 3-1 and on Sunday can eliminate the Jets, Canada’s best hope since the 2011 Vancouver Canucks to break the 25-year Stanley Cup famine in the country where hockey is loved the most.

They are now just a period away from making it to the Stanley Cup finals. 

However, the Jets have had a phenomenal year as well. They have managed to accomplish more in the playoffs than the Atlanta Thrashers franchise did before it relocated to Manitoba back in 2011. 

They've also surpassed what was first achieved by the original NHL Jets franchise, that ended up moving to Arizona in 1996.