Breaking: KHL busted in cheating scandal perpetrated by President Putin

The entire 2017-18 season has been a total sham…

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So, buckle up and settle in, this crazy report is one you need to get ready with a long thread of tweets from Slava Malamud, who has named himself Twitter's official Russian sports writer. Last night, Malamud chose to expose a massive and complex issue in the Kontinental Hockey League that is doomed to have repercussions all over the place. 

We mean, the guy is like exposing a huge scandal, and does not seem afraid of any consequence that could follow. Here is the deal. Late on Wednesday, Malamud published a series of tweets, 21 to be exact, revealing that in the KHL, there is an understanding that Saint Petersburg SKA must win. In his very words, "the entire league has been set up this year to allow SKA to win. It's Putin's team, this is Putin's election year, it's chock full of OAR Olympians..."

He added that "SKA is allowed to ignore the salary cap, its payroll is 6 times that of an average team, it has dibs on every star who considers the KHL. Most of its players are rabid Putin supporters who took part in his campaign rally last week. I repeat: SKA must win. It's not an option..." He mentions that CSKA could manage to win, but since the president wants his team to win, it shall be SKA. 

"Allowing all the best players to concentrate in one team has created unique chemistry that transitioned seamlessly to the Olympic squad. Making the KHL season easy for them has safeguarded against injuries and bad morale. This is why we won the gold." reportedly explained the KHL, once again according to Malamud. 

Malamud goes on to explain that there is an issue with the current plan, once again believed to be in place by and for Putin: 

SKA is about to face the Cherepovets Severstal in the first round of the playoffs and Malamud compares them to the Charleston Chiefs from Slapshot: 

Malamud goes on to explain how he believes the series is going to go down, with the different scores and comeback of the president's team... Wow, follow the tweets: 

What Malamud finds unfortunate is that the great Pavel Datsyuk will be stuck in the middle of this crazy controversy. As he writes: "Probably, the most tragic thing about it is that Pavel Datsyuk, an amazing player and not in any way a politician, is having his name soiled with this by playing for SKA."

But Malamud is proud to have his story revealed and spoken out loud to the Russian people, and the entire world. 

However, not everyone agrees with his story. KHL writer Aivis Kalnins tweeted this in the morning, to protest Malamud's tweet.

What do you think of all this?