Breaking: Leafs GM shocks everyone with his decision regarding Soshnikov

This is a massive slap in the face.

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Well, this isn't what anyone expected.

Toronto hockey media pegged down Lou Lamoriello's options with young forward Nikita Soshnikov, as his AHL conditioning stint came to an end. 

He was expected to be waived, or traded.

Instead, they call him up and keep him on the injured reserve, despite appearing to be in fine health.

This move was made in order to keep him away from waivers, as they either don't want to trade him, or just haven't found the right deal. 

This is a rather unfortunate fate for Soshnikov, as he cannot play a game until Lamoriello makes up his mind. To take him off injured reserve, a roster spot has to be opened up, and as of now, there's no one to be sent down to the AHL - Dermott and Kapanen have been too important to the Leafs' roster.

In other news, Lamoriello broke some more shocking news, stating that Josh Leivo has never requested a trade.

Nick Kypreos, where are you getting your information from?