Breaking: Leafs have reportedly cheated the league's rules

This is very unusual.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs had approximately 24 hours to make a decision with Nikita Soshnikov, dating back to Friday at noon.

Or so we thought.

His conditioning stint, according to the league rules, was supposed to end today. That meant that they had to assign him to the Leafs' active roster, trade him, or place him on waivers to keep him in the American Hockey League.

There are cases where a team can extend a player's conditioning stint, but that typically precludes a nagging ailment that hasn't been completely recovered from.

In Soshnikov's case, he appears to be completely fine, as he's been playing very well for the Toronto Marlies and he said himself that he feels good. For these reasons, it makes very little sense that the league extended his conditioning stint, as it appears the only reason for applying for the extension was to delay putting him on waivers while they sort their business out.

Perhaps we will get more info on what exactly transpired here - if not, Toronto has another day or two to make their decision with Soshnikov.