Breaking: Leafs’ Hyman releases second children’s book

The Leafs youngster is a true renaissance man! An athlete and an artist!

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Toronto Maple Leafs winger Zach Hyman officially released his third children’s book today through Penguin Random House entitled, “The Magician’s Secret.”

In case you didn’t know, Hyman is an accomplished children’s writer having already penned two best-selling books. 

His first book, the award-winning “The Bambino and Me”, conjures 1920s New York, and tells the story of a young New York Yankees fan named George, who especially admires Babe Ruth and carries his baseball card everywhere. His second book, “Hockey Hero” was released in October, 2015 and is about a shy hockey player who overcomes playing in his brother's shadow and eventually makes his dream come true.

His newest book tells the tale of a young boy and his incredible adventure with his magician Grandfather.

Congrats, Zach! You’re a true renaissance man and a real inspiration to young Leafs fans!

Habs rebuild strategy involves poaching Leafs’ players?

No two ways about it, the Montreal Canadiens have been one of the most disappointing teams during the 2017-18 NHL season. Pegged by many fans and analysts to be a Stanley Cup contender during the preseason, the Habs have stumbled their way through a truly awful season and once again find themselves looking at a bottom five finish in the NHL standings. Of course, as die hard Toronto Maple Leafs fans, nothing puts a smile on our face quite like seeing the Habs in such disarray. 

But, here’s the thing… as if it’s not weird enough seeing Tomas Plekanec in a Leafs jersey, get ready to see several other players jump ship between the two squads this upcoming offseason. In his latest article for SB Nation’s Pension Plan Puppets blog, Leafs blogger Adam Elseldo shines a lot on the Habs’ rebuild strategy and notices a strange trend: it’s full of Leafs castoffs.

They need a quick rebuild, and they’re going about it in a peculiar way: Signing and trading for the castoffs of the Maple Leafs.

Exhibit A: Kerby Rychel and Rinat Valiev Exhibit B: Nikita Korostelev Exhibit C: Bryon Froese

Who’s next? Frederik GauthierMatt MartinNolan VeseyStephen Desrocher? Elseldo does a great job of highlighting some odd moves by Habs general manager Marc Begervin, if only because they’ll make you go, “oooooh yeah! I remember that guy!”

For the full article check out the link below: