Breaking: Leafs looking to deal with the Habs?

They're definitely not looking to deal with Tampa.

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As the trade deadline approaches, fans and media alike pay more and more attention to the names of scouts attending various NHL games, and which teams they are affiliated with.

The Montreal Canadiens take on the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight and there is a sizeable contingency of scouts and executives representing 11 different teams in attendance.

One team on the list, as you can see, is Toronto.

The Maple Leafs have a well-documented need for a reliable puck-moving defenseman, and while the Canadiens aren't loaded in that department, they have some expendable players as their season gets worse and worse. Such players include David SchlemkoJoe Morrow, and Jakub Jerabek.

Schlemko and Jerabek may be the more appealing pieces, as they've shown a good ability to see the play and move the puck well.

While the teams are divisional rivals, a trade of this magnitude is not out of the question between them, especially as the Habs sink lower and lower in the standings.