Breaking: Leafs sell naming rights for historic Ricoh Colisseum

Ugh… are you kidding me!? This name is awful!

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According to a report from Richard Southern of 680 NEWS, Toronto’s historic Ricoh Colisseum, home of the American Hockey League’s Toronto Marlies (AHL affiliate of the Toronto Maple Leafs), will now be know as the Coca-Cola Colisseum. 

 BREAKING - Toronto’s Ricoh Colosseum will soon be called the  ‘Coca-Cola Coliseum’ as MLSE inks a new naming rights deal for the home of the Marlies. 

Ugh… are you kidding me!? As if it wasn’t bad enough that the Leafs themselves play out of a building named after an airline… er wait… it’s a bank now, right? ScotiaBank Place? No… no… that’s the one in Ottawa, right? ScotiaBank Arena? Or is it still Air Canada Centre? Who can keep track of all this corporate nonsense?

Give me the good old days of Maple Leaf Gardens and SkyDome. None of this Rogers, ScotiaBank, BMO Field and Cocoa-Cola nonsense.

In fact, with the introduction of Little Caesar’s Arena last season and the retirement of the Detroit Red Wings’ legendary Joe Louis Arena, the only NHL building without a corporate sponsorship is the New York Rangers’ Madison Square Garden. However, some might say that MSG in itself is a massive corporate sponsor. It wasn’t too long ago that the NHL featured historic buildings like Maple Leaf Gardens, the Montreal Forum, Chicago Stadium, Boston Gardens and others. Now, we’re left with ScotiaBank Arena, Bell Centre, United Center, TD Gardens and other lame corporate named buildings. Remember when the Arizona Coyotes played out of an arena called the Arena? Little Caesar's Arena is tacky enough itself but what about the mess of Rogers buildings all within Canada? The Toronto Blue Jays have Rogers Centre, the Edmonton Oilers have Rogers Place, the Vancouver Canucks have Rogers Arena. Then there's the litany of arenas across the United States named after banks. Enough already.

Is anyone, outside of Cocoa-Cola LLC. and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, excited about this announcement? This announcement reeks of nothing more but corporate green on the part of Coke and MLSE. I mean… who’s excited to see the Marlies Calder Cup championship banner raise to the rafters of the historic Cocoa-Cola Coliseum next season? Gag me…