Breaking: Linden issues heartfelt letter to Canucks fanbase, hints at deadline trades

From the heart? Or is the Canucks team president out to lunch?

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Earlier this morning, Vancouver Canucks President Trevor Linden issued a letter to the organization’s season ticket holders. 

Check it out: 

Two key things to take away here:

“Travis has brought an aggressive, entertaining style of play.” 

Has he? Because most nights this team is nearly unwatchable. Aside from the Brock Boeser highlights… there’s not much to see when you flip on a Canucks game these days. 

Is Linden delusional or simply out of touch? He could also just be playing the role of a good leader.

“Moving forward… we will add even more prospects to our pool.” 

Does this point to a deadline deal like last season’s Alex Burrows and Jannik Hansen deals? Canucks fans certainly hope so. The team can use all the good, young talent it can get.

And if this wasn’t enough, the Canucks have a scheduled press conference for this afternoon. Trade? A contract announcement for GM Jim Benning? Stay tuned, Canucks fans.