Breaking: Major development in NHL expansion!

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It seems like Seattle is sick of waiting for the National Hockey League and its commissioner Gary Bettman, and will be doing everything it can to put the wheels in motions. It has been reported on Wednesday that the group in  in charge of the potential NHL franchise in Seattle will get its chance to impress the league as early as this fall. 

“We now know that in early October we’re going to see the executive committee," Tod Leiweke, the president and CEO of the prospective team, told 950 KJR. "We believe that will be on October 2nd in New York City ... We then go in front of the entire membership of the NHL to make our case, and we’re going to be ready."

Leiweke is more serious than ever about the process and repeated once again that he is not underestimating the importance of the meeting.

“We are not taking anything for granted," he said. "It would be an incredible honor to be the 32nd franchise, so we’re going to be prepared for that day and that test. We are right now building a spectacular presentation that we’ve been working on for weeks. I’ve never prepared like this for a presentation or meeting, and I’ve had a few in my career. This is an important moment because we owe it to the city to do our best.”

Back in March, the potential 32nd team of the NHL made history when it reached its initial goal of 10,000 deposits in 12 minutes, and finally received more than 25,000 deposits for season tickets through a ticket drive. The fans in Seattle made it clear that they want an NHL team in their city during the ticket drive. Reports have always said that a new expansion club wouldn't play in the league before the 2020-21 season, however, it seems like Leiweke wants things to more forward a little more quickly. 

A few weeks ahead of a Board of Governors meetings back in June, Bettman had however revealed that the rest of the league would not be discussing the future of another expansion team. Leiweke is now working hard to be hard ahead of the upcoming season.