Breaking: Major lineup change ahead of tonight's match

Fans will NOT be happy about this one.

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Just when you thought Mike Babcock finally saw the light - the light that shined brightly on the youth of the Toronto Maple Leafs, he does this.

Roman Polak has been on the injured reserve for the last week due to an illness, and now that he's returned to health, he's back in the lineup.

Aside from the game against the Boston Bruins this past weekend, the Leafs have been playing their best hockey in about 2 months, and that's been in large part due to the fact that the kids were given more leash.

And Polak was not playing.

Check out this tweet from February 1st.

Toronto is clearly a much superior team without him in the lineup. And we've already proven that he's a massive liability to this team in all situations, even on the penalty kill, where Babcock trusts him most. The numbers just don't add up.

To activate Polak off the injured reserve list, a player will have to be sent to the AHL.

It's just such a waste of a roster spot, and has a huge domino effect that can be ignored.

Stay tuned for the news on who gets sent down later today.