Breaking: Montoya replaces Brossoit... AND Talbot

Fans are trying to keep their spirits up!

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Goaltender Al Montoya was acquired by the Edmonton Oilers, from the Montreal Canadiens, late night on Thursday, and sure the plan was for him to replace Laurent Brossoit, to provide the team and starter Cam Talbot with a more experienced backup option. 

Brossoit was upset, Oilers head coach Todd McLellan said it was a plan that was in the works for a while and the team said they were ready for more. 

But on Saturday, the Oilers let Montoya know he also needed to replace Talbot. Literally. The poor netminder couldn't manage to stop the Dallas Stars from finding the back of the net, and was pulled from the game after a 4-0 score. 

This is probably not the way Montoya hoped to make a start with his new team, but if he can stop the Stars and provide some help for the Oilers to score some goals, it will certainly be a good first impression. 

As for the fans, they already seem pleased with his performance, but any positive right now is important. You can also join the party with the hashtag Oilers positive. 

This is Montoya's first game since he suffered a concussion as a Montreal Canadien. He was 2-1-0 with a 3.77 goals-against average and .863 save percentage in Montreal, before the trade and his return on ice. 

Now he has to be the Oiler saviour, but it may mean to replace two goalies altogether.