Breaking: Montreal reporter takes a dump on Babcock

When you've run out of ways to complain about the Habs, this is the next logical step...

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Things have been going relatively terribly for the Montreal Canadiens this season. Injuries, underwhelming performances, and terrible inconsistency have left the team in the bottom of the standings.

Which Leafs fans can both sympathize about and also take a good hearty laugh at after years of sitting in the league's cellar.

The view from up above is definitely much more pleasant than the one in the basement.

Montreal reporter Brian Wilde of Recrutes took to Twitter on Wednesday to leave a scathing comment on Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock.

Recrutes has been gaining a reputation as a "homer" website - generally giving biased Habs analyses, shedding them into a more positive light than they deserve to be in right now. They completely deny the bias, but it's pretty evident when you consider how bad the season has gone for Montreal.

Wilde felt a need to compare the Habs and Leafs' record by conveniently leaving out a key part of the season that has put the Habs in this mess.

That's a very convenient way of comparing two teams when you have a bias. Sure - it does show something. The Leafs haven't been as good as they were when they started the season, but the Habs' record since those first 7 games doesn't exactly scream "amazing". In fact, it's barely a .500 record.

Wilde isn't exactly wrong for his comments about Auston Matthews. In fact, Toronto-based writer Steve Simmons had a similar complaint, calling Matthews' usage on the power play "baffling and illogical."

It still kind of strikes us as comical that an opinionated Canadiens reporter feels the need to call out Babcock when his own team is significantly further down in the standings, in part due to their own coaching.

What's your take?