Breaking: Most controversial suspension of the year!?

Do you think he deserved a suspension for his “actions”?

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We must admit, this is a little ridiculous. After a lot of viewings and explanations from insiders, we finally got to the bottom of this - but it remains controversial. 

Vancouver Canucks prospect Nikita Tryamkin, who currently plays for the Yekaterinburg Automobilist in the KHL, has been suspended one game for unsportsmanlike conduct. 

You'll look at the video below, and wonder what you are looking at? Understandable. Tryamkin, 23, is called offside on a breakaway. The referee blows the whistle to stop the play and Tryamkin is upset. While he initiates the motion to slam the puck in the boards in frustration, he does not follow through. 

However, just the thought of doing it earned a one-game suspension because he was aiming at the referee. Make sure to look closely around the fourth second of the video. 

Do you think he deserved a suspension for his "actions"? This is surely controversial!