Breaking: Multiple fatalities in massive shooting at American sporting event!

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This is surely not the type of news Hockey Feed is known to share with you, however, we know many of you are major gaming fans and this news might be of interest. 

A mass shooting at a shopping-dining complex in downtown Jacksonville, Florida, resulted in multiple fatalities, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said Sunday afternoon. The shooting took placeduring a qualifying event for the Madden 19 Tournament at the GLHF Game Bar, according to the Twitter of CompLexity Gaming, one of the gaming teams. One Madden participant, Young Drini, was grazed in the hand and is away from the scene and safe, Complexity said.

The mother of another gamer who goes by Larry Legend also tweeted on her account that her son had been shot three times. It appears that more than 11 people might have been injured in the massacre. 

"Multiple fatalities at the scene, many transported. #TheLandingMassShooting," according to Jacksonville Sheriff's twitter page.
"One suspect is dead at the scene, unknown at this time if we have a second suspect. Searches are being conducted," according to another tweet from the sheriff's office.

It was during a video game competition that the shooting took place. Some media speak of 4 dead and 11 wounded, but the balance could be heavier. The Jacksonville sheriff confirmed on his Twitter account that a suspect had died. We do not know if there was more than one suspect.

The suspect is said to be dead at the scene. 

People were urgently asked by the police to stay away from the area. 

“Stay far away from the area...The area is not safe at this time. STAY AWAY," The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office wrote on Twitter.

It must have been so confusing and frightening for the tournament's participants as they were gathered in a large complex with a lot of noises and action. Several people must have thought that the gunshots and screams were coming from an online game before realizing it was happening for real, just a few steps away from them. 

As of now, we do not know who is behind this terrible attack, and what might have driven this or these people to do this. 

Let's send them some positive thoughts.