​​​Breaking: New Canes owner makes exciting statement for NHL fans!

How awesome would this be?!

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New Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon is already gaining more and more fans as he speaks about the struggling club in Carolina. While for years fans across the NHL have made fun of the low attendance numbers and team's woes, the owner's recent idea is one of the most exciting thing we've heard this season. 

The blue and green of the Hartford Whalers could hit the NHL again soon. 


Dundon said in a radio interview on Tuesday afternoon that he’s open to the idea of his team wearing Whalers throwback jerseys. 

“I think that’s just an unbelievably good look and brand,” Dundon told WRAL’s Joe Ovies

I love it. I think we should have a store that sells our merchandise online and that Whalers merchandise. I think we should explore playing games in that jersey and selling that gear. It’s part of the legacy and I think it’s—I just like cool stuff. If we don’t it will mean something went wrong. There’s a couple of things we have to do but we’re working on it.

The logo was abandoned back in 1997 when the team left Hartford, but the franchise still maintains the trademark. 

Some Whalers merchandise is available from the NHL store but not through the Canes’ website or in the arena gear shop, which could be a huge hit from the club's sales and promotion in Carolina.