Breaking: NHL draft lottery winner revealed days in advance?!?

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Half of the National Hockey League has been on vacation for several weeks now, and while the 2017-18 playoffs are well underway, these teams still need to get ready for another important event in April: the NHL draft lottery. The race for Rasmus Dahlin, the presumptive No. 1 pick in June's entry draft, is on and teams like the Arizona Coyotes, Buffalo Sabres and Ottawa Senators are more than hoping they can become the lucky ones to select the generational Swedish defenseman to be the instant rebuilding factors for years to come. 

On Tuesday, Sean McIndoe of Down Goes Brown published a brilliant article on Sportsnet and took his annual look at the possibilities that could take place at the upcoming draft lottery on Saturday from a few different angles. Of course, he ranked the Edmonton Oilers as the team who would need to get first odds and pick Dahlin the most. However, McIndoe also notes that NHL fans would be furious if the Oilers managed to land the first pick overall once again. 

“People were mad when the Oilers “earned” three consecutive first-overall picks and suggested the rules be changed to prevent the same team from winning multiple lotteries, but the league didn’t do anything. People were furious when the Oilers wound up with McDavid, too, but the league still didn’t do anything. If they get Dahlin, too, people will absolutely lose their minds. And not just fans — GMs, media, players… everyone. It will be a leaguewide meltdown at a level we’ve never seen before.”

McIndoe also wrote that it would be quite funny to see the New York Islanders land Dahlin with the first selection, especially since they would be using the first round pick they got in the trade for defenseman Travis Hamonic. It would honestly be quite brutal. 

However, McIndoe ended his article with the actual winner of the NHL draft lottery this weekend, days in advance. As he wrote himself in the conclusion of his article: “Don’t ask how I know. And don’t read any further in you want to be surprised.”

Are you ready? 

McIndoe predicts, in a mysterious way, that the Vancouver Canucks will be the lucky lottery winners this weekend, with the Montreal Canadiens and Edmonton Oilers standing behind… 

“Call it a hunch,” he concludes.